The most powerful performance reporting

Get in-depth insights on your learning business impact. Dive deep into user progress, user engagement, certification and course insights. Track and report on clients training metrics.

Measure and report the impact of your training programs

proven to directly improve operational effectiveness

Measure user progress

Track user progression, exam results, survey responses, training histories at the click of a button.

Deep dive into course insights

Delve into your learners' content consumption data. Identify bottlenecks and optimize your content to improve course quality and performance.

Prepare automated reports

Automate report distribution and keep your most important stakeholders up to date with reports automatically extracted and emailed.

Grow your impact with out-of-the-box reports

Automatically generated 

Filter & Segments with +70 different filters

Apply simple or highly elaborate filters to your reports, before you export them and get the most relevant information.

Help learners maximize achievement

Offer learning insights to learners. Connect learning with performance to empower your learners to lead their own development

Leverage powerful data visualization 

Give partners, customers, instructors and managers visually engaging metrics & analysis, to help better make decisions.